Bill is a go-to litigator, counselor, and advocate with the courtroom skills, professional experience and superlative judgment to serve as anyone’s best defense in the most challenging circumstances.

If someone is looking for the best result in those challenging circumstances, Bill provides the greatest opportunity for success and a positive outcome.

-Adam A.

Few attorneys possess Bill’s tenacity, sense of fairness, passion for his profession and expertise in the field. Always available, responsive and attentive. I highly recommend Bill.  A true “star” in the industry.

-Scott R.

Bill is the best. I was referred to Bill by a top flight civil litigator. I have worked with a lot of lawyers before, but none match Bill’s skill, enthusiasm, accessibility, and ability to get results.

We came to Bill with a major problem and Bill deftly resolved it, keeping my associate out of jail. It was apparent to me that he was respected by the Judge we appeared before and the police that we dealt with. He was there every time we needed him, day and night, to counsel us.

I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a top-notch attorney.

-Jamila S.

John Neumann Hickey, Esq. has my vote for being the number 1 defense attorney in Delaware County, PA!

John has the knowledge, experience education, and background to defend your case, especially in the Delaware County Justice Court System! I was very lucky to have found him through a recommendation from an attorney friend and will forever be grateful for his outstanding legal services! I never realized how complicated, costly and time consuming the legal system can be; this was my first time I was charged and arrested for any criminal matter.

Without John Neumann Hickey, Esq., by my side defending me, I do not believe I would have been found NOT GUILTY of all the felony charges I was facing! FYI He is a no-nonsense attorney and I assure you, John Neumann Hickey, Esq., is worth every penny if you decide you want to hire the best attorney around in Delaware County, PA to defend your legal case!

Swift, professional, dedicated. John Hickey is a true pro, and I would not hesitate to recommend him, or use him again.
-Client Facing DUI Charges