DUI Convictions and Sr-22 Statements

Have you recently had your driver’s license suspended after being convicted of a DUI? Do you now have questions about how this will change your car insurance in the future?

Serious driving violations don’t just increase your premiums rates. They require you to file a SR-22 statement with your DMV and auto insurance company.  A SR-22 is basically a statement of responsibility that proves you’re currently meeting your state’s required minimum for insurance coverage and that you’ll continue to do so for a specified amount of time. Filing for one is extremely important because it’ll allow you to keep or eventually get your license back after repeated or serious violations.

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SR-22 Statements and Auto Insurance

Unfortunately, a SR-22 deems you a high risk driver. You’ll be faced with higher premium costs and even coverage rejections from specific carriers. How can you balance the higher payments, new terms, and consequences being thrown at you by the DMV and your current provider all at once? Luckily, Insurify is here to break down the jargon and match you with a carrier who understands your needs and price points.  You can find the full blog post here.